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The class sponsorship program consists of English, Math, and Computer classes that are taught by volunteers at each center. The program was created as a supplement to The Education Program (TEP), which allows children to attend public school, because we could not financially afford to admit all TEP applicants and because the public schools that serve the children of IHF are located in poor areas and do not provide a good quality education. For example, many of these schools do not teach computer skills or a level of math that is required for high school entrance exams. Additionally, there is a mentality among some of the teachers that because the children are poor they will never require a higher level of education.

Dollar for dollar, the class sponsorship program has the greatest long term impact on the children of IHF. The cost to educate each student is approximately USD $1.50 to USD $2.00 per month and covers the volunteer teacher's monthly per diem of USD $50.00-USD $60.00, electricity costs of the center, and the salary of the center's director.

Class to Class sponsorship

This program seeks to build grass-root connections between students in the west and the poorest of the poor students overseas. It costs USD $30.00 a month to sponsor a class of approximately 15 to 20 students (USD $1.50 per student a month). These classes teach the fundamentals of education in order to provide a way for these impoverished children to rise out of an unheard and unseen life. They are taught English, Computer, and Leadership skills.

By connecting a young child with a young child from one of these overseas programs, a magical experience is passed on that becomes the most significant part of an education. Each child involved grows up understanding more about the world and how they are able to make a difference locally and globally. They experience a genuine connection and unique understanding through communication with the famine feed and other tribal children.

Our Goals

1. For every student to have the experience of communicating directly with the impoverished in their country and around the world.

2. For each student to have a better understanding of who the poor and mass labor force are around the world today and will be tomorrow. In this increasingly global world, this is fundamental to becoming a great leader.

3. For every student who is able to afford USD $1.50 a month to pay for the education of a child unable to afford school in a developing country where education and the ability to ask questions and seek knowledge is the foundation of democracy itself.

4. For students to have communication with children who are unable to afford school, so that students can directly experience with these children overseas the thrill of being able to learn and be in an environment where they can ask questions and be safe, when they never thought this was possible.

We encourage you to sponsor a class with one of your own classes! Are you a teacher or a student? Ask your classmates or students if they would be willing to raise USD $30.00 each month to help other students overseas, while also forming communication lines with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How did you come to the amount of USD $30.00 a class a month?

Answer : We added up the monthy costs of our bills for electricity, teaching supplies, computer and supplies maintenance, a Director on salary paid only at the low local wages, and a very small per diem for our volunteer teachers so our poorer teachers can afford to volunteer also, not just wealthier as before we started the per diems. This small amount covers the phone and transportations costs needed to get back and forth from our centers. We give the teachers enough for water and snack to buy while there for long also. We added up all costs over the year, even printing of lessons and taxes for building and maintenance and security if needed nights, books, commuity events, etc. These yearly and monthly costs were then spread over twelve months, divided by the number of classes. This is how we came to it. Your money for your class pays for all these costs for your class on a monthy basis.

Question : What is the cost per student monthly?

Answer : The cost per student is between USD $1.50 and USD $2.00 a month per student. This variance is because the classes vary greatly in size depending on time of year and holidays, monsoons and harvesting seasons etc. Classes range from ten children, especially in computer classes where the number of computers is limited, to twenty children or more.

The reason the cost is so low is because we have only a few locally paid local staff working for very little and cordinating all the community Teachers, plus volunteers from around the world who stay with and teach and love our children in our classes and want to help their communities. We also dont have rental costs as the schools were donated by the founder and a few of her relatives and friends so we are able to go on forever at very little cost ever, because of the incredible dedication of the poor of the communities who volunteer for free. They are tired of how mistreated too many children "abandoned" or too poor or "unwanted" are, and feel as you and we do: That we must all do a little something with no one getting paid big salaries and new cars and such, as long as so many many of thje worlds children are this hungry and not cared for. The math is simple. The priorities simpler, clearer still.

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