You can make a difference today! Give what you can to those that need it most - every bit helps! All funds donated to IHF will be used in one of our many project locations to help only the poorest of the poor. None of your contributions will ever go towards administrative costs or other expenses.

If you would like to give your donation as a gift, please read our instructions at the bottom of this page.

For child and class sponsorships, please see our Sposnorship Programs Page.

Please select the cause(s) you would like to donate to:

General Donation
Continuing Education
Buy a Chicken
Buy a Goat
Buy a Calf
Buy a Cow
Buy a Camel
Famine Feed
Nakuru Medical Program
Nakuru Peace Farm
Hatch a Hen

For more information about our donation programs please click one of the images below.

Peace Farm Survival Program

Donate livestock to our Survival Program to help provide nourishing food and milk to families in the East Pokot region of Africa, where the land is too dry for argiculture.

Nakuru Peace Farm Nakuru Peace Farm

Donate to the Peace Farm fund to help keep our farm growing in Nakuru, Kenya!

Famine Feed Famine Feed

IHF famine feeds are conducted each month in desert areas of nomadic tribes in Kenya, and feed over 1,000 people.

Continuing Education Continuing Education

Give a disadvantaged teen the opportunity to learn and grow, to dream about the future and what it holds for them. And to realize their true talents and potential.

Hatch a Hen Hatch a Hen Fundraiser

Hatch a hen at our Nakuru Center in Kenya.

In-Kind Donations

We are currently in need of the following items for our offce: used cell phones, desktops/laptops, digital cameras, webcams, videocameras, donated frequent flyer miles, printers, audiovisual equipment, and office supplies.

With our projects overseas we are very much in need of computers, cell phones and other technology in helping us teach the children English and computer classes. Any vitamins, tape recorders and English as a second language teaching DVDs and notebooks and childrens books in English. School supplies; pens & pencils sets, backpacks. Used guitars or musical instruments. Clothes for our children and slum teenagers. Antiseptic creams. Anything you can think of and would like to donate would be of great value to us.

To make an in-kind donation please contact us at

Donate as a Gift

A gift that keeps on giving!

If you want to make a gift of your donation, please follow the steps below:

1. Cick on
2. Choose the donations you would like to make and click Continue.
3. Choose the quantity you would like to donate (e.g. for 1 goat select USD$20.00, for 2 goats select USD$40.00, etc.)
4. Click Next: Add to Basket.
5. Then click on "check out".
6. If you are a new donor, please enter your details when requested.
7. Verify your selection.
8. Click on the "Add Special Instructions" button and write the name(s) you would like to have on the certificate(s), along with a special note from yourself. (If desired.)
9. Submit payment.
10. Done!

Please Note: Certificates and photos are delivered by email to you, and usually take 1-2 days to process.

Class Program

Class Program

Medical Program

Medical Program

Famine Feed

Famine Feed

The Education Program (TEP)

The Education Program (TEP)