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To apply to volunteer at one of our IHF centers, please fill out this form.

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* In which IHF center(s) do you wish to volunteer? Please tick the box next to the center's name, and give specific dates even if they might change.

Please note: The minimum time required to volunteer at our centers is four weeks if choosing "Work Study Volunteer", or two weeks if choosing "Voluntourist" (see below).

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Please list two references. One who has known you for at least two years and the other reference a professional such as former employer or teacher.

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Room & Board

When volunteering at a center, we offer you three options for paying room & board, and the role you will perform:

  1. Work Study Volunteer: In your role at the center, you will be expected to dedicate at least four hours per day to local tasks (teaching and child-care) and at least four hours per day to international tasks (admin, finance, or other task teams).

    Cost: IHF is committed to offering a flexible, affordable service experience. Upon acceptance as a work-study volunteer, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of USD $75 which will be credited toward your weekly fee upon arrival.  Once at the center, work-study volunteers pay only USD $75 per week for the first four weeks, USD $55 per week for the fifth through twelfth weeks, and nothing from the thirteenth week on.  These costs are to cover and room and board, both very simple.

    Must apply at least: 6 weeks before arriving.

  2. Voluntourist: Your role at the center will involve spending at least four hours on teaching & child-care per day.

    Cost: IHF is committed to offering a flexible, affordable service experience. There is no application fee, and the weekly fees for individuals are USD $150 and for couples and families only USD $200 to cover the costs for their room and board, both very simple, at the center. Only married couples and immediate family will be allowed to room together due to strict cultural codes.

    Must apply at least: 2 weeks before arriving.

  3. Living in the Area: This option is strictly for applicants with citizenship or permanent residency in the country in which they wish to volunteer. Please choose this option if you currently live in the same town or city as the IHF center where you would like to volunteer. Your roles will be teaching and/or child-care. Donating some of your time each week for international work on IHF task teams is encouraged but optional. There is no fee, since you will not be living at the center. Please note that you must already have your own accommodation.

    Must apply at least: 2 weeks before arriving.
    Minimum volunteering period: 4 weeks minimum is preferred.

Please note: IHF cannot pay for your accommodation costs, visa or airfare, and there are no exceptions to this rule.

* Please choose a volunteering option:

Work Study Volunteer
Living in the Area
Which Task Teams are you interested in joining? For a list of task teams & descriptions, click here

Please note that you do not need to select a task team if you are choosing the "Voluntourist" option.

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