IHF's Programs

Orphanage/Safe-Home Program

IHF orphanages and safe-homes around the world are open to the most vulnerable and marginalized children from slum areas and nomadic/tribal villages. Many of our children are orphans that have experienced extreme poverty. At the IHF orphanages they find a permanent family that believes strongly in preserving the values and traditions of our children's cultures and encourages them to teach it to volunteers and sponsors. Through our child-sponsorship program, sponsors can communicate and learn about another world from a different perspective through emails facilitated by our overseas volunteers between them and their sponsored child. Volunteers that visit our orphanages/safe-homes and interact with our children learn that happiness, laughter and giggles are abundant even in the most destitute situations. We hope that this is a message they can echo to the rest of the world to remind all of us who are wrapped up in the busy modern world, to stop and enjoy the little wonders of life.

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The Education Program (TEP)

Our Education Program was developed to provide children from impoverished backgrounds with no means to go to school a chance for an education.

As with our Orphanages/Safe-Homes, our Education Program is a sponsorship-funded project, and monthly donations go towards financing school-related expenses such as school fees, transportation, uniform and books. Furthermore, it facilitates communication links between the children and their sponsors and helps to create long lasting relationships that can alter one's future perspective of the world.

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Medical Sponsorship Program

Our Medical Sponsorship Program was developed to provide the children living at our Orphanages / Safe-Homes with better medical and dental care.

As with our Orphanage/Safe-Home and Education (TEP) Program, our Medical Sponsorship Program is a sponsorship-funded project, to which monthly donations go towards financing medical and dental care for the children living at our Orphanages / Safe-Homes.

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Class Sponsorship Program

Our centers around the world operate free and open classes, taught by local teachers in congruence with international volunteers. The main focus of our classes is to teach English and Computer skills to provide these children with a means of communicating their thoughts and ideas to the rest of the world. In addition we teach math, leadership skills and life-skills; these focus on enhancing our students' problem-solving skills, team-work capabilities and artistic development. We believe that it is absolutely fundamental that the children are encouraged to flourish and blossom in whatever capacity they choose, and to learn the value of their heritage and the importance of their voice. This mission is enhanced by our sponsor communication program and our aspiration for class-to-class sponsorships where our children can pass on their lessons through letters and presentations to their sponsor-classes around the world.

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Continuing Education Program

Our Education (TEP) Program ends for a child upon graduation from high school, leaving these impoverished teens with having to work for low wages or getting married and raising a family, as their families are not able to afford the costs to send their child to vocational school or college.

Our Continuing Education Program helps to provide these teenagers the opportunity for that next step after high school...vocational training or college...so that they can break the vicious cycle of poverty.

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Nakuru Peace Farm

Our Nakuru Peace Farm is an extension of our home and brings together people from all surrounding Pokot tribes. It's a 14 acre land in the Rift Valley, which is the most fertile area of Kenya. Here we are planting the land and raising livestock. Our children love this land and are eager to assist in tending to it. Some of them have even asked the farmers to begin teaching them about farming. It's a place of peace, development and sustainability. What we reap from this land provides outcome for our children. We hope to build up the farm with livestock and vegetables in order to share with the poorest nomadic tribes in the surrounging desert areas.

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Survival Program

Aiding the self-sustainability of at-risk communities to help empower and preserve their rights and traditions is a core element of IHF programs. The Survival program organizes 2-3 times a year sponsor drives to collect funds for buying chickens, goats, cows and camels that are then distributed to the poorest starving families in rural nomadic tribes.

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Famine Feed Program

The Famine Feed Program is an emergency relief program to help the severely malnourished nomadic tribes of rural Kenya through an extreme drought period. Every month our volunteers and local staff travel to the desert nomadic tribes and distribute food enough to feed over five hundred malnourished people, mostly woman and children. The Famine Feed costs USD $600.00 2-3 times a year, and serves to feed the at-risk tribes and to make the international public aware of the real and reasonable cost of feeding the millions of malnourished around the world.

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Class Program

Class Program

Medical Program

Medical Program

Famine Feed

Famine Feed

The Education Program (TEP)

The Education Program (TEP)