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IHF Background and History

Our founder, Carol Sasaki, was touched by the stories of young children in other parts of the world who were being sold into sex slavery. In 1987, Carol founded S.A.V.E.—Stop Abuse Via Education—and initially dedicated her humanitarian efforts to the plight of female sex slaves in Kenya, Indonesia, and Thailand.

While taking on a grassroots approach and working with various tribes, Carol developed a theory that volunteers based in these local impoverished communities would be an effective way to tackle the problem of poverty and sex trafficking and retain the cultural heritage of the children.

Carol decided that her overall goal was to help all the children in impoverished communities, and in 2001 the International Humanity Foundation (IHF) was born.

After 24 years of working in the field, Carol retired. 

IHF currently has three (3) centers in Indonesia (Bali, Jakarta, and Medan), one (1) in Kenya (Nakuru) and one (1) in Thailand (Chiang Rai).

Since its inception IHF has helped to improve the lives of thousands of children through the generosity of hundreds of volunteers, donors, and sponsors from all over the world.