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Our Centers

IHF currently owns and operates five (5) IHF Centers: three (3) in Indonesia, one (1) in Kenya, and one (1) in Thailand. Each center is different and focuses on the greatest need of the community it is in.


Indonesia has IHF centers in Jakarta, Bali, and Medan. These centers primarily focus on educating children through the IHF Education (TEP) and Class Sponsorship programs, with some centers teaching over 400 students.

The centers provide an informal place for children from lower economic classes to work with volunteers, who teach the children various subjects and help the children develop a sense of ease when communicating with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.



The IHF Center in Nakuru, Kenya was established so we could help children in a country where famine existed. It was important to Carol that IHF be able to provide a safe place for IHF volunteers while they worked with the children and visited famine stricken communities.



The IHF Chiang Rai Center in Thailand was established as a preventative measure against the trafficking of children as sex slaves, which has been a major problem in the region since the Vietnam War.