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The "LI" In BALI Stands for "LIVE!"

By: Juan Carlos Milara Romero, Volunteer, IHF Bali Center   BA………….. LIVE amazing sunsets. LIVE how motos, cars and trucks don´t stop using their horn. LIVE spicy food that makes you cry. LIVE drinking liters... Read more >

IHF in Kenya: Goats for the Holidays

For most people holidays like Christmas mark a special time of the year. Whether you are celebrating a religious element of the holiday season, enjoy spending time with friends and family, or just like receiving presents, most cultures around the world... Read more >

A Day in the Life of a Jakarta Volunteer

// By: Maria V., Costa Rica, Legacy Volunteer Jakarta When you travel to a different country your senses are triggered. One day you are in the comfort of your home, sharing with your friends and family, speaking your own language and... Read more >

Five reasons to hate Bali

By: Santiago, Voluntourist Bali These days, all of us usually prepare our voyages through seeking information on the web about the places we are curious about. But even when we find many positive reviews, we often focus our attentions... Read more >

How IHF Changed My Life

By: Mengjie, Voluntourist Bali It is my second week at Bali center, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to come here. Although the first day the kids and I are were strangers to each other, they still give me the best welcome I’ve... Read more >