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IHF in Kenya: Goats for the Holidays

For most people holidays like Christmas mark a special time of the year. Whether you are celebrating a religious element of the holiday season, enjoy spending time with friends and family, or just like receiving presents, most cultures around the world celebrate some version of a December and New Year holiday. Kenya is no different.

In Kenya, the traditional way of celebrating an important event is to slaughter a goat, cook it, and eat it, Christmas and New Year is no exception. However, at the IHF Center in Nakuru, no run of the mill goat will be accepted for slaughter. Local goats are dirty and will eat anything...even "Ugali," which is a staple in the diet for all of Kenya, but is not good for goats.

So for our goats for the holidays, we had to travel over 100 kilometres north to the children’s home region of East Pokot as this is where the "best" goats are found—goats that only eat bushes!

Three of the older boys travelled on a Sunday to the goat market in Ngingyang. The boys stayed overnight and purchased two goats at the market on the following day—one goat to be eaten on Christmas Day and the other on New Year's day.

Once the goats were purchased, the boys arranged a ride with a merchant travelling back to Nakuru. To afford some more space in the vehicle, and one of the boys had to travel in the truck while holding the goats!

In the late afternoon of the following day a "tuk tuk" pulled up to the center, when the door opened out came Christmas and New Year's Day dinner…


(Pictured here: Krop, age 15, inspecting the quality of the goats purchased for Christmas and New Year's Day dinner.)

As someone who is used to purchasing Christmas dinner in the frozen section of the supermarket, to be face to face with your festive meal is a little strange. What may be even stranger is feeling the need to name the goats that will be turned into your future meal.


May I present to you:

Sandy - Our Christmas Goat 

MJ - Our New Year's Day Goat

Don’t they look tasty?!

We assure you, their sacrifice equaled many satisfied tummies at our Children's Home and brought much joy and festivity to the holiday celebrations at the IHF Nakuru Center!