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IHF in Bali: "What I am looking forward to in 2018 is..."

By: Julieta, Volunteer, IHF Bali Education Center

Every day is a different and full of magic in Bali, especially the last days we lived in 2017. Each child had a shine in their eyes, and gave us smiles and best wishes for the new year!


On New Year's Eve, there were moments on the beach where we enjoyed fireworks with great enthusiasm and hope. Hope of being able to fulfill our dreams. Hope to have more strength than ever to achieve our goals.


At the IHF Bali Center, we wanted to know what objectives our students and workmates had for the year. We decided to do a special activity. We hoped everyone would be honest and speak from the heart about what their greatest wishes would be for the coming year.

We created a wall where you could read in big letters: “WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2018 IS...”.

Each person added three post-its to the wall without writing his or her name. We wanted everyone to feel free to write their feelings and wishes.

Once again the children managed to surprise us. In spite of not having many things, such as: books, toys or motorcycles, all of them wrote in different and expressive ways.

We were impressed to read from our students how they want to improve their english, be ranked first in their school, how much they want to be the best scholar, or how much they want to have their family happy and full of health.

Their main concerns are: getting the best possible marks at school, seeing their family together, being prepared to get a good job in future that could help the family, and helping their mothers with the education of their younger siblings.

Reading all these good intentions made us realize that our children have good hearts and priorities. They only look to further the good of their families and the futures of all their family members. They do not need many belongings, what really makes them happy is to have their family and friends close and in good health.

All volunteers of IHF Bali had something in common, we separated our objectives into two categories: the personal and the professional. The professional objectives we had are: to work hard, to have our projects become reality, and to get this center in Bali to prosper and grow in order to give the best of ourselves to the children.

For the personal, one word could describe it perfectly, HEALTH. Health to be able to reach our objectives. Health to be able to continue helping people who need it around us. Health to be able to continue traveling and get to know this wonderful culture. Health to continue contributing our piece and leaving a mark at this center that is giving to us so much.