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Medan Voluntourist: Last Days

By: Carolina, Voluntourist Medan

I can’t believe this was my last week, and I only have one more day.  How am I going to survive without my kids?  Whether we want them to or not, there are always kids that leave a mark in our hearts and I will miss them so much!  Besides the kids, there are the Co-Directors that are amazing and do everything to make us feel at home.  I loved this experience and definitely will come back and advise everyone to come here too.

So I’ll talk a little bit more about my week and less about my feelings (haha).  This week was simple, I assisted SD 2 and Junior class.  All the kids really want to learn, and that spirit gives us motivation to teach.

On the weekend I went to Bukit Lawang (Lawang Hill).  Bukit Lawang is a small village with a river called Bahorok, in North Sumatera.  We used simple public transportation to get us there for 2-3 hours more or less. It has an amazing view.  We did a simple rafting trip (with 3 tubes bound together to create a small raft) down the river.  Bukit Lawang is also known for the animal sanctuary of Sumatran Orang Utan (the big Ape).  Since we just had one day, we only did the rafting.  I definitely recommend visiting this place.  A good way to spend the weekend, with a short trip!