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The "LI" In BALI Stands for "LIVE!"

By: Juan Carlos Milara Romero, Volunteer, IHF Bali Center



LIVE amazing sunsets.

LIVE how motos, cars and trucks don´t stop using their horn.

LIVE spicy food that makes you cry.

LIVE drinking liters of water so you don't die from dehydration.

LIVE walking barefoot.

LIVE having dirty nails from being hands-on.

LIVE grill fish.

LIVE people asking you all the time about your nationality.

LIVE rainy season.

LIVE dogs barking.

LIVE an unbelievable sky.

LIVE green color.

LIVE playing football in a field full of cows.

LIVE temples.

LIVE quakes in the middle of the night.

LIVE to climb a tree.

LIVE to understand different lifestyles.

LIVE smiles, all the time and everywhere.

LIVE to respect other religions.

LIVE to see priorities.

LIVE to let your mind soar.

LIVE without watching TV.

LIVE to see sanghyang.

LIVE how Muslims and Hindus prefer harmony than disputes.

LIVE white teeth.

LIVE walking on sand.

LIVE days passing too fast.

LIVE trying to say unpronounceable names.

LIVE to spend millions of hours flying from your home country.

LIVE to realize that not all people have the same objectives.

LIVE to feel how Agung makes you feel tiny.

LIVE to hear your student´s dreams.

LIVE to smell the burning rubbish.

LIVE to sleep with a zoo of excitement around.

LIVE traditional music that makes you feel connected with past.

LIVE to listen, talk and understand.

LIVE to leave your ego at the airport.

LIVE to wear the same clothes with no big fuss.

LIVE to hear the sounds of nature.

LIVE women carrying huge bags on head.

LIVE beaches full of children playing.

LIVE to replace thoughts with experience.

LIVE to swim alone in a wonderful beach.

LIVE to leave your family, friends and job to give your best for unknown people.

LIVE the smiles of a children as they learn.

LIVE black sand beaches.

LIVE to meet new people.

LIVE a noisy market.

LIVE why many people don´t understand what you do here.

LIVE to be careful while driving.

LIVE drinking a delicious coconut water in a lost village and people looking at you like an alien.

LIVE why learning from modest people matters.

LIVE to drink their coffee.

LIVE blue color.

LIVE in a real “tree house.”

LIVE without missing material objects.

LIVE to play water games with your students.

LIVE to have sun-burned nose, arms, legs....

LIVE with sandals.

LIVE red color.

LIVE flowers everywhere.

LIVE a young couple with many children.

LIVE snakes in the middle of the road.

LIVE handmade wood.

LIVE to be patient.

LIVE how everyone knows everyone.

LIVE ceremonies where people fall into a trance.

LIVE families working together.

LIVE plastic everywhere without taking care of the environment.

LIVE a sky full of stars.

LIVE without listening for the silence.

LIVE playing pool with strange rules.

LIVE tourists.

LIVE how a young girl sees her life in future.

LIVE to drink a beer with salt peanuts.

LIVE boats moving in waves.

LIVE cock fights.

LIVE huge rice fields.

LIVE colorful dresses.

LIVE street food.

LIVE knowing that everyday starts out looking the  same but will be different..............