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IHF Children's Homes

IHF Children's Homes are open to the most vulnerable and marginalized children. The children who live in our IHF Children's Homes are from slum areas in the city and nomadic/tribal villages in rural areas.

Many of the children who reside in our IHF Children's Home Centers are orphans who have experienced extreme poverty and lost parents due to natural disaster, disease, or abandonment. At our IHF Children's Home Centers these children are welcomed with open arms, and find a permanent family that believes strongly in preserving the values and traditions of their cultures.


A Child’s Last Hope

IHF prefers to place children with relatives. We only accept children into the IHF Children's Home when the circumstances prove that IHF is the child’s last hope. When these destitute children have nowhere else to turn, they become a part of the IHF Children's Home family.

IHF Children's Homes are run as a family. We create an informal environment where children can be comfortable being themselves. IHF Housemothers and Volunteers work hard to create an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and learning.


Your Monthly Donation

When you sponsor an orphan with a monthly donation, you not only give the child a safe place to call home, you also give them the family, love, and care they deserve.

The money that is donated for an orphan sponsorship goes directly towards the total cost of running the IHF Children's Home, and not to the individual child. The monthly sponsorship amount is the total cost of bringing a new child into the care of the home. The amount is calculated by taking the total cost for food, toiletries, housing, clothing, utilities, housemother wages and dividing it by the number of orphans housed at each center.

The monthly donation amount only covers the orphaned child’s intake and monthly living expenses. Medical fees, and educational fees, are not included in the monthly orphan sponsorship amount.


Communicate with Your Sponsored Child

Through our child-sponsorship program, you can communicate with your sponsored child and receive updates, and learn more about the world through a different perspective. Communications with your sponsored child are facilitated by volunteers.