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Class Sponsorship Program

IHF Class Sponsorship Program

IHF Centers across Indonesia operate free and open classes, taught by local teachers in congruence with visiting international volunteers. The Class Sponsorship program was developed to address gaps in the local education systems, as well as to supplement the IHF Education Program.


Gaps in Education

In many developing countries, not only is there a cost associated with attending public school, but the local education systems are often lagging behind. As a result, many of the children do not have access to the tools they need to face the future with confidence.

At our IHF Education Centers our main focus is to compensate for these gaps in education by teaching English, Math, and Computer classes.

In addition to teaching these core competencies, we also offer leadership and life skills training and teach workshops centered around problem-solving skills, team-work capabilities, and artistic development.

At our Education Centers the children are encouraged to flourish and blossom in whatever capacity they choose, and to learn the value of their heritage and the importance of their voice.


Your Monthly Donation

Dollar for dollar, the Class Sponsorship Program has the greatest long term impact on the children of IHF. Your monthly donation goes toward school and course-specific supplies for the students, covering teacher stipends for the class, and the center’s electricity costs.

When you sponsor an entire class you not only give several children access to quality education, you also reaffirm that their voices are heard and prove your confidence confidence in their ability to learn and their inherent value.