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Medical Program

IHF Medical Sponsorship Program (MED)

The IHF Medical Sponsorship Program was developed as a supplement to our Safe-Home Program and helps to provide the children who live at our IHF Children's Homes with access to quality medical care, dental care, and hygiene products. Donations made to the Medical Sponsorship Program help to finance the high cost of hygiene, medical and dental expenses for the children.

When you sponsor a child through our Medical Sponsorship Program, you ensure that we will be able to provide them with basic and preventative hygiene, regular medical and dental exams, doctor and dentist visits, prescription medications, as well as fund any costs associated with emergency care and hospitalization.


Your Monthly Donation

Your monthly donation is dedicated first and foremost to your sponsored child. However, because your child’s medical and dental needs may not require the full amount each month, any extra money goes into a Medical Fund. To donate to the IHF Medical Fund, CLICK HERE

The Medical Fund is similar to an insurance policy. All leftover Medical Sponsorship money goes into the Medical Fund at the end of the month, and money from the fund is only used when a child has medical or dental needs that go beyond regular maintenance. 

There are times when a child may need extra medical dental care beyond what is allotted through the Medical Sponsorship Program, this is where the Medical Fund comes in. Money in the Medical Fund is only withdrawn to cover medical and dental emergencies that would not otherwise be covered by the monthly sponsorship amount.


100% of Medical Sponsorship donations go directly towards serving the children who need it most.