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Nancy's University House

Nancy’s University House is a higher education program that exists to assist High School Graduates enrolled in our sponsorship programs, who exhibit a desire to further their education beyond secondary school. Through this program, IHF helps to provide students with a safe space space to live and study. This gives them the precious opportunity to pursue University studies or vocational training, advancing their chances of employment. Nancy’s House gives an opportunity to our young adults to remain a part of the IHF program, allowing them to mentor and inspire the younger children to seek higher education, as well.

To meet the students currently enrolled, please visit our University Program sponsorship page.

Your Donation

In many cases, your donation is the only hope a sponsored youth has of continuing their education.

The young people we serve have experienced more tragedy and hardship than most will ever experience in a lifetime. However, through it all, these intelligent, inquisitive, and resilient young people are somehow inspired to have big hopes and dreams for their futures.

Your donation goes toward covering a student's room and board costs, utilities, food and clean water, and a small stipend for travel to their university or vocational program. To donate, please CLICK HERE.

The Alternative to Continuing Education

For many impoverished young people in developing countries, there are limited options after graduating from high school. For some, the only alternative to continuing their education amounts to working for low wages and/or getting married and raising a family.

Even the most astute high school graduates are often forced to live out this alternative because their families cannot afford the financial costs that come with sending a child to vocational school or university.

Program Name Inspiration

Nancy's House was named after a dear friend of IHF who championed our mission for many years. Later in life, Nancy battled her own illness and showed our founder Carol the deep inner strength that can come from using challenges and difficulties to grow.

In the same way, the students who are part of Nancy’s House turn their own struggles into strength and leadership. Our dear friend is celebrated with each new student welcomed into Nancy's House.