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Nutrition Program

IHF Nutrition Sponsorship Program (NTR)

The IHF Nutrition Sponsorship Program was developed as a supplement to our Safe-Home Program in order to provide the children who live at our Children's Homes with a wide array and preparation of nutritious foods, clean drinking water, and the development of healthy eating habits.

Donations made to the IHF Nutrition Sponsorship Program are used to finance the high cost of accessing fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and nutritious proteins in developing countries. It will also support the continued cultivation of our very own fruits, vegetables, and farm animals, with our ultimate goal being nutritionally self-sustaining. 


Your Monthly Donation

Your monthly donation is dedicated first and foremost to the access of healthy food by your sponsored child. Our centers also use your donation to provide a trained and qualified individual to cook the meals, and ensure proper food hygiene and portions. Last but not least, your donation supports our centers’ access to clean and reliable drinking and bathing water for the children we serve.