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The Education Program (TEP)


Sponsor a Child’s Education for USD $10.00 per month

The IHF Education Program (TEP) was developed to supplement and provide for children from impoverished backgrounds with little to no access to a good education.


The Cost of a Good Education

Unfortunately, public education is not free in most developing countries; the cost of a good education is often steep. Students and their families are required to pay tuition, or other fees, including: special teacher fees, desk fees, replacement uniform costs, and fees for books, exams, graduation, and other ceremonies.

The many fees often associated with a good education are why the most impoverished children are never able to attend school. Instead, they work in sweatshops and rice fields, perpetuating the family's cycle of poverty. And what little education these children do receive is often poor quality.


Your Monthly Donation

100% of TEP donations go directly towards your sponsored child's school costs.

When you sponsor a child’s education through IHF you not only give a child access to quality education at a public school, you help to empower them to break the cycle of poverty.

Your monthly donations go directly towards financing your sponsored child’s school-related expenses. These expenses include: school tuition, transportation costs, uniforms, and book fees.

We ensure that 100% of donated funds go towards the sponsored child's school costs through the use of logbooks.


The IHF “Pass It On” Philosophy

The IHF Education Program embodies the anchor of our core values, our “Pass It On” philosophy: showing compassion for all humanity by taking the time to teach others what we know. One of the greatest displays of this commitment is having people who have received a free, high-quality education, “pass it on” to a child in need by sponsoring that child’s education.


Eligible TEP Candidates

In line with our commitment to help those who are most in need, all applicants to our IHF Education Program must participate in an at-home evaluation, and proof of need must be verified before candidates are approved for the program.