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Age: 14
Location: Nakuru
School: Primary School
Orphan: No
TEP Number: KRNkOF-712

Addy joined IHF at the age of Four from her family in East Central Pokot, she has 2 brother and 4 sisters. Addy had no formal schooling before joining IHF, instead she would help her mother around the house, fetching water and firewood. Addy is now one of the best students in her school and is on course to achieve high scores in her exams and she hopes one day to attend a top National School here in Kenya. Bight and bubbly Addy is both cleaver and mischievous, she loves Apples and her favourite thing about living at the IHF home is eating Chapatis (a type of flat bead) every other week. Addy is the only member of her family currently attending school.

To support Adoket , please see the options below:

Program: ORP
Type: Safe-Home Program
Option: Sponsored until 24 Sep 2019
Location: Nakuru
Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Option: Sponsored until 05 Jul 2020
Location: Nakuru
Program: MED
Type: Medical Program
Option: Sponsored until 15 Sep 2019
Location: Nakuru
Program: NTR
Type: Nutrition Program
Location: Nakuru