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Amy Febri

Age: 17
Location: Jakarta
School: SMKN 50 Jakarta
Orphan: No

Amy is one of our senior high-school students. She is an enthusiastic and smart girl. She's always eager to learn and come to IHF to study English and Math. She goes to public vocational high school and majors in office administration. Her school is a little bit far from her house and she has to take a bus. Amy is the fifth child out of seven in her family. There are still three children who are in school. Two of her siblings are married and the other two are still working.

Her parents are quite old. Her dad is working as an “angkot” driver (small blue car). His earnings only cover their daily expenses such as food. The house is given to them from their grandparents. There are five people living in the house. Their house consists of one large open room and which includes the bathroom. 

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Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Location: Jakarta