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Shaunga (Daniel)

Age: 6
Location: Nakuru
School: Pre-School
Orphan: No

In 2018 the situation at home created a need for this ever moving, energetic and loving boy to join his two older brothers at IHF Kenya in Nakuru. Danny is a bright boy who has mastered communication – verbal and non verbal. He is assertive yet never rude and understands boundaries. Danny enjoys having his own company as well as the company of others and fills his spare time climbing things, reading books, colouring, writing, and teaching and learning other languages. Whatever Daniel grows up to be, we know that he will be the best as he always pours his heart into all that he does.

To support Shaunga (Daniel), please see the options below:

Program: ORP
Type: Safe-Home Program
Option: Sponsored until 08 Sep 2019
Location: Nakuru
Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Location: Nakuru
Program: MED
Type: Medical Program
Option: Sponsored until 24 Sep 2019
Location: Nakuru
Program: NTR
Type: Nutrition Program
Option: Sponsored until 31 May 2019
Location: Nakuru