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Dewa Ayu Eka Widya Kanami

Age: 16
Location: Bali
School: SMP Negeri 35 Medan & Jalan Williem Iskandar PSR 5
Orphan: No

Widya is a nice and modest girl, a little bit shy, but always with smell. She is living with her mother and two younger sisters in a very simple house with two small rooms. Her father is a taxi driver for locals. This kind of taxi has fixed routes so the fees are usually very low. As he is not the car owner, he has to give some money he owns everyday to the car owner. Her mothis is not taking care of the three children at home, thus only does some knitting. Widya is a clever girl. She has good performance at school. In the last semester, she got the 3rd place for the final exam. She wants to be a business woman in the future so that she can help with the family and two other young siblings.


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Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Location: Bali