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I Gede Agus Indra Prayogi

Age: 13
Location: Bali
School: SDN 5 Manggis
Orphan: No
TEP Number: BB-151

Agus can seem like a trouble student in the classrooms at first when you meet him. He is quiet, but he gets distracted easily by things such as birds flying past the window or trees when they start rustling outside. Sometimes, it takes some effort to get him to work on class exercises. Agus has a very preoccupied mind, as he comes from a family where debilitating illness is always present.When you ask Agus what he wants to be when he grows up, he will answer without hesitation tha the wants to be a nurse. That is usually the point where you realize Agus’ true character. He gets distracted easily because he tries to enjoy the present, fleeting moments because even though he is a young child, he understands sickness and incapacitation. He is scared of failure, and so sometime she rather not try at all than face disappointment again and again in his life. However, do not be mistaken: Agus is one of the bravest kids at the center. He always makes an effort to come to his classes where most of his classmates are ahead of him and even when he presents himself as a challenge in the classroom, he will readily stay behind class to attempt the work he hesitated to do with his teacher’s help. Agus wants to learn and achieve his dreams, but he needs support along the way. We are extremely happy to have Agus at the center, as he is truly a child that loves and appreciates life.

To support I Gede Agus Indra Prayogi, please see the options below:

Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Option: Sponsored until 09 Mar 2020
Location: Bali