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I Made Pastika

Age: 17
Location: Bali
School: Junior High School
Orphan: No
TEP Number: IBBnTM-130

Pastika lives with his parents and older sister in Candidasa. His older sister cannot work because she is deaf-mute. Pastika loves reading and riding his bicycle. Pastika is an extremely engaging child. You can spot him from the crowd due to his infectious smile. He is a gentle-soul but extremely energetic when playing with his friends. He always helps out the center directors with small tasks. He acts like a big brother to the other children at the center. He asks permission to collect the centres cans in order to sell them for extra money for food for his family. Pastika, along with his family, does not take anything for granted. He is extremely appreciative of the help given to him by IHF and is not shy to voice his gratitude.

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Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Location: Bali