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Juliani Athiyah

Age: 18
Location: Medan
School: Elementary School
Orphan: No
TEP Number: ISMnTF-710

Juli lives with her mother, father and two older sisters. Her father works as a cyclo driver and her mother is a housewife. Juli and her two older sisters attend classes at our Medan Center...never missing a class. Juli also actively attends center activities, as well. Her mother brings the girls to classes and helps to keep order, take care of the children and to clean the center. Juli is in the 6th Grade in Primary School. She ranks first in her class! Her favorite subject is English. Juli hopes to become a teacher someday. She enjoys reading.

To support Juliani Athiyah, please see the options below:

Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Option: Sponsored until 26 May 2020
Location: Medan