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Medical Program

Orphan: No

Health and wellness is one of IHF's top priorities. Many of the children, especially those new to our centers, are easily prone to illness and disease due to their previously poor living conditions. A small scratch or stomach bug can prove very serious in view of the abundance of typhoid, amoebiasis, malaria and other diseases.

Your donation to our Medical Program will allow our centers to continue to offer access to a range of services, medicines, and preventative measures for our children. Donations may be used for medical and dental check-ups, CPR certification, an abundance of vitamins, worm-treatment drugs, and local staff members and supplies which are crucial to the health and welfare of our children. Success of the program could also bring medical help to the vulnerable people in the surrounding community.

If you are a medical professional interested in volunteering at one of our centers in support of the health of our children, please complete our Volunteer Interest Form to join us in Indonesia, Thailand, or Kenya! 


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