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Siti Nurhalimah (Nung)

Age: 18
Location: Jakarta
School: SMKN 46 Jakarta
Orphan: No

Siti Nurhalimah, or “Nung” which is her nickname that her friends like to call her. She is a well mannered student and enjoys helping others. She is brave and very active. Her favorite subject is Bahasa Indonesian. She likes literature and she wants to be an Indonesian lecturer at a University in the future. She studies in one of our public vocational high schools.

Her family rents a small house that four people live in. Her mom resells cakes around their house in the afternoon and her dad works as a carpet reseller.  He works from  morning till evening. He only makes money if he sells carpet.

Siti is the youngest child. She has 2 older sisters and one older brother who is married already.

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Program: TEP
Type: Education Program
Location: Jakarta