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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the International Humanity Foundation. IHF is a unique organization, functioning almost entirely through the efforts of our volunteers from all over the world. Our volunteers give their time, skills, energy, and love to help our family in Kenya, Thailand, and Indonesia.

For Short-Term Volunteers:
  • Teaching English in Bali, Indonesia: Through our Voluntourist Program, you’ll have an opportunity to split your time between teaching English to local children and touring the beautiful island of Bali. This program has a minimum commitment of 2 weeks and the cost is $200 USD per week (accommodation and meals included). More information can be found by clicking here
  • Orphan Care in Nakuru, Kenya: Through our Legacy Volunteer Program, you’ll have an opportunity to connect your expertise and experiences to a unique service project that will create a sustainable solution for the children living in our Children’s Home. You’ll also provide hands-on care and a playful environment for the children living there. This program has a minimum commitment of 4 weeks and the cost is $100 USD per week (accommodation and meals included). More information can be found by clicking here.
  • Specialty Volunteer Program: Our IHF Centers are in need of industry professionals, such as teachers, medical personnel, accountants, and engineers, to help us with a variety of special projects. Volunteers in this program will have an opportunity to put their professional passion into action while cultivating expertise on an international level. See a list of our current needs by clicking here.
For Long-Term Volunteers:
  • Global Leadership Development (GLD) Program: Volunteers accepted to this program will complete a 4-month comprehensive program by participating in rotational assignments in the core components of our organization, including center operations, community development, finance, fundraising, media and communications, and more. Volunteers will deliver real results on behalf of the organization, while gaining hands-on experience and coaching from senior leaders. More information can be found by clicking here.
    Locations Currently Available: Nakuru, Kenya and Chiang Rai, Thailand.
Application Process:
After submitting your application using the form below, IHF's Volunteer Team will review your details, narrative responses, and CV. If you are approved to move forward, the Volunteer Team may contact you to setup a Skype Interview with a member of the IHF Leadership Team. 
If you are accepted into the Volunteer Program, IHF will send you an official offer letter, detailing your acceptance into the Volunteer Program, which is conditional on receiving the following from you:
  1. A copy of your passport (with more than 6 months to expiration)
  2. A clean criminal background check that is not more than 1 year old
  3. A receipt showing payment of $100 USD non-refundable deposit to hold your space in the program.
  4. A signed Volunteer Program MOU + Liability Waiver
If you have any questions, please contact us at: volunteer@ihfonline.org

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