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Who Is IHF Looking For?

We are looking for volunteers who are able to commit an initial period of up to 4 months to the IHF mission, preferably with:

  • A related university degree, e.g., in social studies, language, teaching, medicine, law, social work, or education
  • Experience abroad; travel, working, or volunteering
  • Previous work and/or volunteer experience in any field
  • Experience with teaching and/or children
  • Fluency in English, both written and verbal (both are essential)


What Would I Be Doing as an IHF Volunteer?

IHF volunteers are responsible for the administration of our entire organisation. Volunteers cover both the local management of the center, as well as assisting with our international teams within the organization. Your schedule would include 4 hours of local management and 4 hours of international support, 6 days per week.

Examples of a volunteer’s responsibilities may include:

  • Caring for the children with other volunteers and staff at the center
  • Teaching classes in English, computers, and math
  • Running educational workshops, e.g., leadership skills, interview skills, public speaking, health and first aid, or nutrition
  • Preparing weekly and monthly reports, e.g,. for finances, children, and media
  • Local recruitment and advertising for our programs
  • Training and supervising volunteers
  • Being a team member for one of our international teams responsible for media, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and legal issues, etc.

You will be working together with volunteers in other centers and so will gain valuable experience in a wide variety of areas on a global level.


How Will I Know If I've Been Accepted?

After we have received these documents, the volunteers that are considered will receive an emailed offer letter from us with a MOU contract, which must be signed and scanned back to us. Once these documents have been submitted and the initial USD $100 deposit has been received through our website, volunteers will receive the official IHF acceptance letter.


What If I Am A Specialty or Legacy Volunteer?

If you are applying for a Specialty or Legacy Volunteer position, you will be asked to complete one extra step before receiving the acceptance letter. These pre-trip tasks will be discussed in deeper detail as we move forward with your application.


Will I Be Paid?

As a volunteer organization, we do not provide a salary for any of our positions. This allows us to direct our donations almost entirely towards the needs of our children.

Basic accommodation and food is provided for volunteers at our centers. IHF does not provide for transportation for volunteers travelling from another country. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to pay for their airline ticket, visa costs, required immunizations, transportation, and any other incidental costs related to arriving or departing from the IHF center.  


When Should I Book My Flight?

It is important that you take into account that no applicant is fully accepted until they have received the official acceptance letter. You should only book your plane ticket once your official acceptance letter has been received.