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Volunteer Programs

Apply to join one of IHF’s four (4) volunteer programs and embark on a cultural journey you won’t soon forget!  


Immerse yourself in what it means to live like a local as you serve and see first-hand the different realities of life in an impoverished community.


Whether you are a professional with only one week to spare, or a college student looking to do some good while exploring a new country, or a recent graduate looking for a professional development program to take you to the next level, IHF has a volunteer program for you!


When you choose to join an IHF volunteer program, you will be joining a global network of IHF volunteers who are living and working with diverse cultures on projects that have a positive impact.


Below are brief summaries of our four (4) volunteer programs:


Voluntourist Program

Summary: The IHF Voluntourism Program combines the most pointed and effective facets of our mission, with the excitement of tourism to create a stimulating, service-oriented experience.

Minimum Stay Required: 2 weeks


Specialty Volunteer Program

Summary: The IHF Specialty Program helps volunteers use their professional skills to make a difference. You will have the unique opportunity to cultivate your expertise and bolster your portfolio, while doing good at the same time.

Minimum Stay Required: 1 week


Legacy Volunteer Program

Summary: The IHF Legacy Program helps volunteers connect their expertise and experience to a unique service project of their choice that will establish a tangible legacy within IHF and the local community.

Minimum Stay Required: 4 weeks


Global Leadership Development Program

Summary: The IHF Global Leadership Development Program is a non-credit, certificate program designed to develop young professionals and recent graduates who have a strong interest in global leadership.

Required Stay: 4 months


Before applying to any IHF volunteer program, please read the fine print.