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At-Home Volunteer Program

Make a Meaningful Impact 
from the Comfort of Your Own Home


IHF has no centralized administrative offices and thus relies on volunteers across the globe to help manage and support our international programs and projects remotely.


Our At-Home Volunteers support this work remotely, from their homes around the world. An At-Home Volunteer should have access to a dependable computer and wifi connection, and experience with Google Suites applications is a plus.


IHF is looking for volunteers who can commit approximately 2-3 hours per week to their assigned team(s).

Positions Available

IHF is currently seeking At-Home Volunteers with skillsets/backgrounds to join the following teams:

  • Medical team ( doctors & nurses)
  • Translation team (English, Indonesian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Thai, Arabic)
  • Therapist (psychologist & psychiatrist)
  • Legal team
  • Fundraising team (Crowdfunding, online fundraising, international fundraising)
  • Media team (social media platform, content creator, influencer relation)
  • Researcher
  • Finance Team (annual budgeting, auditor, admin cost keeper)
  • Advertiser
  • IT team (web developer, webmaster, web editor, web FAQs)
  • Sponsor team (sponsor drive, sponsor letters)
  • Alumni Team
  • Grants Team
  • Community outreach
  • Retirement outreach
  • Engineering team (chemical, architectural, environmental, biomedical, mechanical, geotechnical, electrical, agricultural)

Updated: 1 March 2019



In addition to making a notable difference in the lives of the children we serve, you will also have access to the following benefits:

  • A letter of recommendation, upon your request  
  • Enhance your CV with practical experience working with an international NGO
  • Join a global network of IHF volunteers and alumni

To apply, visit Apply to Volunteer and select "At-Home (Remotely)" as your desired placement location.