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At-Home Volunteer Program

Make a Meaningful Impact 
from the Comfort of Your Own Home


IHF has no centralized administrative offices and thus relies on volunteers across the globe to help manage and support our international programs and projects remotely.


Our At-Home Volunteers support this work remotely, from their homes around the world. An At-Home Volunteer should have access to a dependable computer and wifi connection, and experience with Google Suites applications is a plus.


IHF is looking for volunteers who can commit approximately 2-3 hours per week to their assigned team(s).

Positions Available

IHF is currently seeking At-Home Volunteers with skillsets/backgrounds to join the following teams:

  • Graphic Design Team - In this capacity volunteers will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with the Director of Fundraising and Marketing. IHF materials are marketed towards multiple geographies, both locally in the communities we work and on a global platform.
  • Media and Public Relations Team - Volunteers will be working to help increase public awareness of IHF programs and projects through advertising and sharing of information. Positions on the team include: Social Media Manager, Engagement and Data Analyst, UI Designer, Creative Writer/Blogger, and more.
  • Webmaster Team - Volunteers on this team are involved with the website and working with each relevant team to asses content on a regular basis, updating as required. 
  • Guardians Team - Each volunteer on our Guardian Team is paired with a child/class at one of our IHF Centers and will be responsible for managing their sponsorship status. Our Guardians become advocates for the children by leveraging their personal network to secure sponsors and approach schools regarding ‘Class-to-Class’ our international pen pal program.
  • Corporate Fundraising - This team will research and contact large corporations/businesses regarding partnership opportunities such as lump sum donations, career training at our centers, project sponsorship, gift matching, etc. Volunteers will be responsible for updating IHF Partnership Proposal documents annually. 
  • International Translation Team Work directly with the Director of our Fundraising & Marketing Team and help us to reach as broad and diverse of an audience as possible in our global campaigns. Volunteers can be bilingual in English and one of the following languages: Mandarin, Japanese, Bahasa, Thai, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, French, Romanian, Swedish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese.
  • Executive Assistant - Work on a one-to-one basis on a variety of tasks related to members of the Executive Team's working life and communication. We are looking for a responsible Personal Assistant to provide secretarial and administrative support in a well-organized and timely manner.
  • Legal Consultants Team - This team will provide expertise regarding legal concerns for IHF as a 501(c)(3) registered in the USA, or our centers individually, located in Indonesia, Kenya, or Thailand. Volunteers are expected to research and provide solutions to the any legal issues that IHF faces in relation to our international charity organization work/status. 
  • Grants Team - Volunteers will join this team within the Fundraising Division to research grants that IHF will be eligible to apply for and submit for review. Once approved, a volunteer will work with others on the team to coordinate and apply for the grant on behalf of the IHF program or center. 

Updated: 15 November 2018



In addition to making a notable difference in the lives of the children we serve, you will also have access to the following benefits:

  • A letter of recommendation, upon your request  
  • Enhance your CV with practical experience working with an international NGO
  • Join a global network of IHF volunteers and alumni

To apply, visit Apply to Volunteer and select "At-Home (Remotely)" as your desired placement location.