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Global Leadership Development Program

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Current Placements

  • Kenya (Nakuru)
  • Thailand (Chiang Rai)
  • Indonesia (Bali, Medan & Jakarta)


This is an exciting career opportunity for young professionals and recent graduates who have a strong interest in global leadership. The program is available to people with a variety of backgrounds ranging from education and finance to media and management.



You are the future of the world’s global leadership. In keeping with our vision of a world where global leaders have had meaningful cross-cultural experiences, IHF developed the Global Leadership Development (GLD) Program as a fast track to build a pipeline for future leaders.


Bring Innovation. Gain Experience.

Every IHF volunteer brings a fresh pair of eyes and unique perspective, both are assets when it comes to innovating for the future.

The IHF Global Leadership Development Program is a non-credit, certificate program designed to help you:

  • Acquire leadership and management capacities that will enable you to lead in the ever-changing global environment
  • Develop a cross-cultural mindset that will allow you to lead in an increasingly globalized world
  • Gain practical experience in an NGO environment
  • Build a global network with people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds

This is an exciting career opportunity for young professionals and recent graduates who have a strong interest in global leadership. The program is available to people with a variety of backgrounds ranging from education and finance to media and management.

Program Details 

The Global Leadership Development Program takes a total of twelve (12) months to complete, with an initial four (4) month probation training period. During this time you will:

  • Complete rotational assignments in the core components of an international organisation (including center operations, community development, finance, fundraising, and communications)
  • Deliver real results while learning through hands-on, real-world experience
  • Receive coaching from senior leaders
  • Develop strong networks with senior leaders and program peers
  • Become part of the next generation of global leaders


Here is a complete overview of the program details:

  • Requires a commitment of twelve (12) months, with an initial four (4) month probation training peroid.
  • GLD volunteers complete four (4) hours of local tasks and four (4) hours of administrative/rotational tasks for a total of eight (8) hours of service tasks a day, six (6) days a week. You’ll get one day off per week, plus a 4-day weekend for each month of service you complete.
  • Local tasks may include any of the following: running community events, teaching English to young children, offering specialised clinics, planning cultural activities, organising local fundraising efforts and more!
  • Administrative/Rotational tasks may include any of the following: preparing a budget report for the center, facilitating sponsor communications, posting to social media, creating a center schedule etc.
  • Volunteers report to IHF Center Directors, Co-Directors, and members of the IHF Executive Leadership Team, who will work alongside you and guide you as direct supervisors.
  • For the duration of their stay, GLD volunteers live on site at the IHF Center alongside co-workers.
  • Basic accommodation and meals are provided to volunteers at the center.


Benefits to the Community

  • You are helping to implement long-term development. Your skills time and energy will leave a mark that will continue to make a difference long after you’ve completed the GLD program.
  • You provide a basic understanding of a unique area that may not otherwise be available. Many of the children and adults in these impoverished communities are not fortunate enough to have wide exposure to different industries. By receiving some exposure to different specialities and receiving even a basic understanding of your skills, you broaden their horizons and expand their possibilities.
  • You are contributing to the local economy. When you are not on the clock, you are free to explore and take advantage of sightseeing opportunities. When you shop with, or hire, local vendors you support local businesses in the area.


Benefits to You

  • Certificate of program completion
  • Letter of recommendation upon request
  • Graduates of the program are prepared for manager level roles in global organisations, especially nonprofits
  • The most successful GLD volunteers may be eligible to receive a potential job offer to join IHF as a Director 
  • Participate in meaningful service and have a lasting impact on an impoverished community
  • Sharpen skills through service
  • Enhance your CV with international experience
  • Strengthen your leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Interact with locals, experience a different culture, and build cultural awareness
  • Sharpen your cultural intelligence
  • Learn to think, respond and quickly adapt to new cultural knowledge and unfamiliar situations
  • Explore new places and experience the richly varied world of the local community
  • Personal growth and development through a broader horizon


When you choose to join the IHF Global Leadership Development Program, you will be joining a global network of IHF volunteers who are living and working within diverse cultures on projects that have a positive impact.