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Legacy Volunteer Program

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Each person has something to contribute. Each person has the ability to leave this world a little better than they found it. As a volunteer in the IHF Legacy Program you will leave an indelible mark on IHF and a local impoverished community. In turn the community will leave its mark on you.


Not Another Service Project  

The IHF Legacy Program helps volunteers connect their expertise and experience to a unique service project that will establish a legacy within IHF and the local community.

Legacy projects are tangible gifts that celebrate and advance the IHF mission, while establishing a lasting legacy of your service contributions. Legacy projects serve as a reminder of just how important volunteers are to the IHF mission and to the communities we serve.

As with our other volunteer programs, you will immerse yourself in what it means to live like a local as you see first-hand the different realities of life in an impoverished community. However, as a IHF Legacy Program volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to help to create sustainable solutions.

Those who have years experience in a specialised area such as medical, construction, agriculture, education, finance, social work, etc., are strongly encouraged to apply.

Program Details 

  • Requires a minimum commitment of four (4) weeks
  • Legacy volunteers complete four (4) hours of local tasks and four (4) hours of focused work on research and online tasks relating to the topic of their legacy project, for a total of eight (8) hours of service tasks a day, six (6) days a week
  • Volunteers report to IHF Center Co-Directors, who will work alongside you and guide you as direct supervisors.
  • Once accepted into the Legacy Program, volunteers will work with members of the IHF Executive Leadership Team and submit an initial project plan prior to arrival in-country. The plan should cover the following points:
    • Beneficiaries - who will benefit from the project
    • Method or Medium - how will you do the work
    • Output - what will be produced as a result
    • Metrics - how will success be measured
    • Future Visualization - how will IHF, the local center, and/or the local community be better because of this project
  • Costs: Weekly fee of USD $100 per person for on site accommodations and meals at the center; plus the costs of the project which can be covered through fundraising. 
  • Volunteers will spend the first two (2) weeks in the field becoming more familiar with the IHF Center and local community, identifying a need and finalizing the project plan to address that need.
  • Legacy projects  must be able to remain/continue as a “legacy” even after a volunteer has left.
  • For the duration of their stay, volunteers live on site at the IHF Center alongside other volunteers.
  • Basic accommodation and meals are provided to volunteers at the center.

 Sample Project Ideas:

  • Writing a policy manual to ensure legal compliance
  • Creating and funding a new after school program
  • Creating a repair plan and budget for a center over the next year
  • Developing a specialised training program
  • Expanding a center library
  • Funding medical supplies
  • Building a small clinic


Benefits to the Community

  • You are helping to implement long-term development. Your skills time and energy will leave a mark that will continue to make a difference long after you’re gone.
  • You are contributing to the local economy. When you are not on the clock, you are free to take advantage of sightseeing opportunities. When you shop with, or hire, local vendors you support local businesses in the area.


Benefits to You

  • Participate in meaningful service and have a lasting impact on an impoverished community
  • Sharpen old skills through service
  • Interact with locals and experience a depth of cultural exchange
  • Sharpen your cultural intelligence and intercultural communication skills
  • Learn to think, respond and quickly adapt to new cultural knowledge and unfamiliar situations
  • Explore new places
  • Leave an indelible mark that will point to your service long after you have gone


When you choose to join the IHF Legacy Volunteer Program, you will be joining a global network of IHF volunteers who are living and working within diverse cultures on projects that have a positive impact.