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Specialty Volunteer Program


  • See current project needs, please visit our Placements Page for current availability


Current Project Needs

IHF Thailand 

  • Building & Construction Specialists
  • Social Work

IHF Nakuru Center, Kenya

  • Medical Specialists
  • Agriculture Specialist
  • Construction Specialists
  • Finance Specialists
  • Engineering Specialists
  • Social Work

IHF Indonesia

  • Teachers 
  • Construction Specialists
  • Finance Specialists


Benefits to the Community

  • You are helping to implement long-term development. Your skills time and energy will leave a mark that will continue to make a difference long after you’re gone.
  • You provide a basic understanding of a unique area that may not otherwise be available. Many of the children and adults in these impoverished communities are not fortunate enough to have wide exposure to different industries. By receiving some exposure to different specialities and receiving even a basic understanding of your specialty, you broaden their horizon and expand their possibilities.
  • You are contributing to the local economy. When you are not on the clock, you are free to take advantage of sightseeing opportunities. When you shop with, or hire, local vendors you support local businesses in the area.


Benefits to You

  • Participate in meaningful service and have a lasting impact on an impoverished community
  • Sharpen skills through service
  • Enhance your CV with international experience
  • Strengthen your leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills
  • Interact with locals, experience a different culture, and build cultural awareness
  • Sharpen your cultural intelligence
  • Learn to think, respond and quickly adapt to new cultural knowledge and unfamiliar situations
  • Explore new places and experience the richly varied world of the local community
  • Personal growth and development through a broader horizon


When you choose to join the IHF Specialty Volunteer Program, you will be joining a global network of IHF volunteers who are living and working within diverse cultures on projects that have a positive impact. Depending on your specialism IHF may chose to waive your fees, please discuss this with our Volunteer Team.


Apply to the Specialty Volunteer Program today!