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The Fine Print

Age Limits

All volunteers traveling alone must be at least 18 years of age or older. All applicants under the age of 18 are required to have a parent sign a permission form and waiver.



All Volunteer Programs  

  • Can commit to minimum stay for project or program
  • Able to serve for 4 to 8 hours a day (depending on the project or program)
  • Confidence using the English language - talking, reading, and writing
  • Deep empathy for impoverished children and their communities
  • Previous international and volunteer experience is a plus
  • Having or working towards a university degree is also a plus
  • Completed and approved volunteer application
  • Clear Background check dated within the last year
  • Commitment and adherence to IHF’s Core values and volunteer code of conduct


Terms & Conditions



A non-refundable deposit of USD $100 is required upon acceptance into a volunteer program, along with your signed MOU, Photography Release, and Liability Waiver forms. 



The volunteer is solely responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel, specifically including all airfares or other transport costs to and from the host country, as well as any local transport costs.

It is the responsibility of the volunteer to carry all necessary documents when traveling abroad.

While IHF may advise the volunteer on required travel documentation, IHF is not responsible for any supporting documents necessary for the volunteer’s travel needs or other purposes.

Volunteers are responsible for ensuring their travel documents are up to date and valid for travel.



IHF does not provide the volunteer with insurance of any kind. The volunteer is solely responsible for evaluating and determining the type, extent and levels of any insurance coverage they need or desire for their planned volunteer travel period.


Discounts and Refund Policy

IHF’s deposit and volunteer program fees are designed to be very affordable, especially compared to other companies and organisations that offer comparable volunteer travel programs. As a consequence, IHF does not offer any discounts whatsoever and does not provide a refund policy of any kind.


Program Fees

Details of the different volunteer program fees are set out on the IHF website and any fee revisions will be made public via that platform. The balance of a volunteer's program fee must be paid via the IHF website no less than two weeks prior to their arrival at the IHF Center. Failure to pay by this deadline will result in removal from the program. 

Program fees are non-refundable.


Code of Conduct

Volunteers must abide by the rules and code of conduct put in place by IHF and the local IHF Center.  Volunteers must read their center manual and agree to follow all procedures contained within it. If at any time the volunteer fails to follow the guidelines set forth, it will result in immediate program termination and further appropriate action will be taken.  Drug use (unless prescribed by a doctor) and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited and will result in instant dismissal from the program with no refund.


Personal Risks

The volunteer acknowledges and accepts the responsibilities and risks associated with their choice to travel to, temporarily reside in, and provide volunteer services in a foreign country. Such travel and volunteer work can be hazardous and involves a certain degree of risk, inherently dangerous activities and personal perils to the volunteer, both foreseen and unforeseen, all of which are fully accepted by and solely assumed by the volunteer. Therefore, IHF, including any and all of its directors, leadership team and independent local teams, is not liable, to the maximum extent of the law, for any loss or harm a volunteer may suffer, including but not limited to loss caused directly or indirectly by:

  • Personal injury
  • Emotional injury
  • Death;
  • Illness or disease
  • Damage to or loss of property
  • Natural disasters or
  • War or terrorism.